Neverwinter Melee Hunter Ranger Combat Build Work For PvP and PvE

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Hello, all! Merry Christmas! Today i am going to bring you a Melee Hunter Ranger Combact build. It is very interesting work for neverwinter PvP and PvE.
Races choices: Half-Orc, Halfling, Half-Elf, Dwarf
Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Combat Feats

Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Combat Feats
Melee Hunter Ranger PvP combat Build
We know PvP is mainly based on the opponent’s shifting and blasting to use our skills. So I like to use Hindering Strike and Fox Shift in PvP and we also do not need the additional movement speed, Marauder’s Rush + Fox Shift provide all we would need.
At-WillsRapid Strike (DPS)
Split Strike (AOE)
Encounters: Marauder’s Rush (Mainly use for melee and Marauder’s Escape skill conversion.)
Hindering Strike (Good damage, Strong Grasping Roots)
Fox Shift (Against Trickster Rogue are very good, but the effect is weak Wizard.)
Class: Blade Storm (DPS on combat feat)
Aspect of the Lone Wolf
Daily: Forest Ghost (Speed boost, Dodge or Sneaking)
Forest Meditation

Forest Ghost + Fox Shift that’s killing players a combo of a Daily and Encounter spamming.
Hunter Ranger PvE combat build
In my opinion combat is also good for PvE just not Dungeons. Combat also can gets some nice defensive bonuses. I solo PvE content very well.
At-WillsSplit ShotElectric Shot
EncountersFox’s CunningSplit the SkyThorn Ward
ClassStormstep Action
Twin-Blade Storm
DailySeismic Shot,
 Forest Ghost
Last, for hunter ranger, combat is so much better than Archery in PvP, and while both in PvE are not first choices for parties. I loved the melee ranger and like a blur to you while i fox burst you dead where you stand, and you? Know more about neverwinter hunter ranger lastest build or guide, please pay attention to Neverwinterstore! Thanks.

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