ESO Beta Guide: Lv15 ESO Sorcerer Build for Beginners

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Hi, all. Are you participated in the all of ESO Beta? Yes, I have done it and experienced the 4 eso classes (Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Templar) in the game. I can not play it when I am lv15 in the second map, you will find there are many task bugs in the eso beta, but it is worth playing. Now I will share my sorcerer guide for you and the high level sorcerer guide will update until Elder Scrolls Online coming in April.

Traditional Sorcererused the Destruction Staff, wear light armor, put the main points on magic and the main damage output is your class skills. This sorcerer build is very traditional and also is very easy to use for beginners.

How to choose your race for sorcerer? Recommended the “High Elf” first, you will find its race skills are entirely tailored to you with the destruction staff, did not waste any skills. If you are interested in the treatment, you can choose the “Argonian” race which output ability less in high elf, but the treatment ability can compensate for this shortcoming. That is to say, it is a good helper in output and treatment in the battle. The third recommend race is “Breton” which endurance power is quite outstanding. Of course, the Breton race is also the only suitable for sorcerer class in “Daggerfall Covenant”.

Above three races are good for this tradition sorcerer build in three camps. For pre-players can ignore the camp when they choose the race, but if you are ordinary players the choice is limited.

Note: you should know race and class mix is quite arbitrary in ESO, there is no “XX class must be use XX race”, but you should choose the optimal race according to you own class build and playstyle. This “optimization” advantage is will make the gaming experience more smoothly, but disadvantage is you will see a lot of the same race with the same class like you in the game. In fact, how to choose race is up to you preference.

Active Skills
When you sorcerer character has LV10, you can build the first full output sorcerer build in the game, now the next points are come to this output cycle.

1. Unstable Familiar of Daedric Summorning skill line. This is the first combat pet and very useful initial tank to protect you in the early game.
2. Crystal Shard of Dark Magic skill line. Main output skill with knocks down effect in early, can be used to get rid of the nearby enemy.
3. Daedric Curse of Daeidric Summoning skill line. This is a curse skill for 6s. When effect completes target takes 22 Magic Damage and nearby enemies take 11 Magic Damage.
4. Desturctiv Touch of the Destructions Staff weapon skill line. When you use this skill will bring the different effect, the practical effect is Fire Touch causes knockback. The Frost Touch causes deep freeze and Shock Touch causes disorient. This skill is one of god skills to save your life.
5. Mages’s Fury of Storm Calling skill line. Explodes for an additional 27 Shock Damage if the target falls below 20% health within 4 seconds. This is the sorcerer’s beheaded skill with high outbreak and one of the output cycle skills.
6. Unstable Clannfear morphed from Unstable Familiar. A clannfear instead of a familiar which is a strong tank pet when you solo in early, it almost can withstood any boss in any solo task.
7. Crystal Fragments morphed from Crystal Shard. When you cast any cost magic skill, 35% chance to make your next use an instant cast and cost 50% less when activating ability with a Magicka cost. After the passive effect is triggered, it will greatly enhance the sorcerer’s output, but it is very bad that you only know it in the third-person perspective if this effect is triggered — when you character hands appear blue light to judge the passive trigger. The strengthened of crystal shard is also one of the sorcerer output cycle skills.
8. Velocious Curse morphed form Daedric Curse. Curse duration is decreased to 3.5 seconds from 6 seconds. After strengthen this skill, your sorcerer early output cycle on forming. (the specific cycle mode see the next section details)
9. Of course, you can continue to add skill points. Your ultimate skill chooses the Summon Storm Atronach of the Daedric Summoning skill line which is consistent with the traditional sorcerer build output style. Group control + high damage output, is very good for whether you are solo the elite monster or fight the boss in eso raid.
10. Endless Fury morphed from Mages’ Fury which can strengthen endurance ability. But this strengthen is not necessary unless you find Sky Shard more and have surplus skill points.

Other Skill Points
You can consider strengthening the front of 2 skills of Restoration Staff weapon skill line. (Provided that you should reading or equip a recovery staff to make restoration staff skills upgrading to level 2, because you will be faced to team the first raid soon, if you can treatment, is very easy to team.
In addition to the active skills points, you also can choose the passive skills. If you want to enhance the output, then you should reduce the skill magic cost from the light armor skills and race skills to increase points for your maximum magic and others of passive data.

Output Cycle
Ideal output cycle
Beginning Velocious Curse -> Mages’ Fury -> Trigger success -> Instant the Crystal Fragments -> Velocious Curse take effect ->Mages’s Fury’s additional damage trigger ->GG

Using this cycle can fight the single monster with high damage, and basically you can directly loot to fight level 2 monsters. Of course, instant cast effects of Crystal Fragments are needed chance to trigger, not every time has instant chance after you use the Velocious Curse -> Mages’ Fury. If you are not instant cast the Crystal Fragments, it is very hard to make the target falls below 20% health within 4s and trigger the Mages’s Fury’s second damage after you cast the mages’ fury. So if you are not do it successful at the first time, you need do this Velocious Curse -> Mages’ Fury cycle again, 2 Velocious Curse of damage, even with the few normal attract under the normal circumstances, the targets health is easily falls below 20%.

So, if you are unlucky, the output cycle will turn this situation:
Beginning Velocious Curse -> Mages’ Fury -> unlucky and trigger unsuccessful -> Velocious Curse take effect -> again use Velocious Curse -> Mages’s Fury -> if have instant Crystal Fragments and use it soon,if you are continue unlucky, please repeat step after the velocious curse take effect.

For output of the boss or the elite monsters, because you are not directly make the monster health falls down 20% in one cycle, so you need repeat many times output cycle like this Velocious Curse -> Trigger unsuccessful and waiting the Velocious Curse take effect -> repeat Velocious Curse,and trigger successful -> instant cast Crystal Fragments to play.
Basically, you use this method can complete the first map and first raid to team without any difficulty, and the line of after level 20, looking forward to experience after the ESO coming out.

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